We do a critical review of our client processes and identify inefficiencies, weak controls, and skill gaps. We evaluate the size of the problem and carefully identifying automation opportunities. If they pass through our critical review, we come up with a blue print for a scalable digital solution for potential development. We draw a range of experts from our network to critically review our designs. Selected projects get developed by our skilled software development team for deployment.


XSECUTE is a secure payment instruction routing platform that eliminates all potential inefficiencies in a traditional payment process. Suitable for fund administrators, AP teams, Paying agents, etc

Eliminates manual errors

Cut down processing time & cost

Completely Paperless operation

Payment records in a single location

Realtime Payment status

Supports remote working setup


TAXXA is a tax distribution calculation and reviewing solution designed for Managed Funds.

Calculates CPU & Component breakdown

Calculates distributions in minutes

Flexible to accommodate tax policy for each fund

Auditability of manual adjustments

Online review & signoff process

Removes the need for technical tax knowledge

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