As specialists in Asset and Wealth Management Operations, XCHEQER brings together extensive industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology to provide practical solutions for our clients. Our deep dive into each client’s situation enables us to design tailored strategies that ease their burdens effectively. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we aspire to be the trusted partner for all our clients in the broader Asset Servicing domain.

Experience the difference of working with a leader dedicated to your success and let XCHEQER guide you through the complexities of Asset and Wealth Management Operations, delivering transformative results with unmatched expertise.

At XCHEQER, we specialise in designing and reviewing operating models to optimise commercial success. With a unique blend of business acumen and technical expertise, we streamline complex processes, creating simple and practical solutions.

At XCHEQER, we possess extensive knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of various Service Providers in the market. Allow us to take charge of the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and vendor selection on your behalf. Our expertise extends beyond RFP management to encompass service provider reviews, SLA monitoring, and thorough vendor due diligence. We will guide you through well-informed decisions with confidence.

Achieve Effortless Service Provider Transitions with XCHEQER. Our experienced team expertly manages the process while you focus on business-as-usual operations. Minimise disruptions and maximise efficiency for a seamless transition. Partner with us for a smooth and successful change.

XCHEQER provides on-demand expertise to address contingencies and manage business circumstances. Access our pool of technical professionals for clearly defined responsibilities during interim periods. Trust us as your reliable partner to meet business objectives efficiently and seamlessly.

XCHEQER offers flexible solutions, whether it’s building an in-house Operations team at the right time, Lift & Shift your team to our domain, or bringing outsourced operations in-house. Experience operational excellence with us.

Year-end processes can be challenging for business-as-usual (BAU) teams, particularly in fast-paced environments or when managing off-shored models. At XCHEQER, we alleviate the burden by seamlessly taking over the year-end planning, providing audit support, and meeting final lodgement requirements. Our expert team is also well-equipped to assist with GS007 or Compliance audits.

XCHEQER streamlines fund setup by handling legal documentation, regulatory requirements, and securing a robust control environment. We also identify and collaborate with dependable service providers to manage your new product efficiently. Trust us for a seamless fund setup process, allowing you to focus on your core objectives.

XCHEQER brings vast experience in managing remediation projects, from compliance in AML/KYC to Unit Pricing error identification. Let us assist you with your concerns. Contact us for efficient and effective solutions.