In XCHEQER, we help our clients by running their registry with multiple online features such as Online Applications, Investor portal, Calastone connectivity etc., in an efficient manner. These are included in our unit registry services. We make sure to add programs and innovative designs to your registry for a smooth and efficient experience.

Some of the tasks we perform are the following:

Applications & Redemptions

We optimise our client’s unit registry with a practical application and redemption workflow process for their investors. Our online applications and investor portal make it easier for investors to apply and redeem fund applications in your unit registry.

Investor Reporting

We make investor reporting more accessible and more efficient by enabling communication channels to send reports to investors. We have an optimised investor portal that helps you compile and collect data for your investors. Our clients can easily send their reports to their investors via our investor portal.

Regulatory Reporting, including AIIR/FATCA

As part of our unit registry services, we handle regular AIIR/FATCA/CRS reporting for our clients on our portal. Our fund administrators make sure all data we compile, and report is accurate and matches the client’s data.

Static Data Management

We always emphasise that data is an important asset in any business, big or small. XCHEQER makes sure that our client’s data is collected and managed securely in digital form. Data collection and management are made easy and less complex through our online data collection process and connectivity through Calastone. Our clients can use the portal to onboard fund investors seamlessly from any part of the world.

AML/KYC Verification

We can accommodate your follow AML/CTF policy within our portal. We have established an automated investor verification to ensure onboarding process is not onerous to investors. It involves a strict verification process and ongoing monitoring as well.